Collaborating for Success in the Agri-Food Sector


We have extensive and broad based experience in agri-food consulting focusing on results. A sample of past projects that the principal John Groenewegen has conducted include:

  • assisting agri food sector organisations develop strategic and business plans
  • assessing the market feasibility of a greenfield operation in a competitive and branded marketplace
  • preparing industry profiles of many agri-food industry sectors
  • developing a low interest rate operating credit program for cash crop producers
  • conducting a number of economic and competitiveness studies of the pork, beef, poultry, dairy, grain based, and fruit and vegetable industries
  • measuring the economic impact and contribution of firms and industries on the local and on the provincial economy
  • assisting PEI potato growers in calculating and defending the monetary damages due to PVYn false positive mis-testing
  • providing expert witness services on trade tribunals and competition hearings
  • assessing the impact of WTO and NAFTA on the Canadian agri food sector
  • providing a management review of a food processing operation
  • providing recommendations on changes to pesticide regulations in the context of industry competitiveness and harmonization
  • assessing the financial benefit and impact of government programs and regulations on all commodity sectors for a number of government agencies
  • providing assistance and advice to the Auditor General of Canada on agri food policy issues
  • assisting commodity organisations develop markets for existing products
  • participating in policy analysis on the impact of grain standards on the Canadian grain sector
  • conducting analysis of policy and regulatory changes in many commodity sectors
  • auditing of food safety programs
  • conducting executive interviews in the public and private sector


  Agri business
  • crop protection and fertilizer
  • animal feeds
  • animal health products
  • genetics
  • farm equipment
  • input supply dealers
  Agricultural production
  • oilseeds and grains
  • potatoes, tobacco and other specialty crops
  • apples & other tree fruits
  • red meats
  • poultry and eggs
  • dairy

  Food Processing

  • red meats and poultry meats
  • dairy products
  • potato processing
  • grain based products
  • snack foods
  • wineries
Updated: 2005-05-08