Collaborating for Success in the Agri-Food Sector


The JRG Consulting Group is dedicated to helping the agri food sector maximize its value and its contribution to the overall economy. This goal is achieved by helping individual clients be successful


We will help you:

  •   improve sales, cash flow, sustainability, positioning, and profitability
  •   secure your organization's viability in the new economy
  •   stay abreast of agri-food sector issues, trends, and opportunities

    by working:

  •   collaboratively with you and your colleagues
  •   exclusively for you in your industry and market
  •   professionally with experienced practitioners


Our base of clients includes co-operatives, input suppliers, transporters, food processors, food manufacturers, industry associations, and government bodies.


The firm's principal, John Groenewegen, Ph.D., CMC, has extensive experience consulting to many organizations on important issues affecting the agri food sector. We understand the complexities of the agri food sector and provide collaborative management consulting services that may include assembling just the right team of agri food experts from across North America, or the globe, to ensure the most comprehensive results that meet your specific requirements... at a significantly lower cost than the services typically offered by large consulting firms.


The sector is in a period of phenomenal change. Reduced trade barriers, harmonization of regulations, globalization, decreased government financial assistance, an increased emphasis on food safety and identity preservation, and the power of information technology are helping change the face of the agriculture and food sectors at a phenomenal pace. These factors are shaping the future of the agri food supply chain, from input supply, through agricultural production, food processing and manufacturing.
The result: a return to customer focused service, an attention to cost containment and reduction, niche marketing, consolidation, and industry specialization. These changes mean opportunity! Today's company has access to a larger market place for existing and new product lines, and the potential for alliances with other organisations on technology, production, and marketing fronts.

Updated: 2005-05-08